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  1. Michail, I don't question the rules, I'm not here to impose my own or to demand anything. I question the ways of some of the gentlemen that over-reacted to something that anywhere else is accepted and that I was so naïve to believe it would be here as well. At this point is clear that it would be pointless to add anything else. Thanks UN7G and UN8G for the welcome post.
  2. Michail, before I joined this forum I was considering the language to use, and at the end I thought that since this is a ham radio forum, a basic knowledge of english would allow everyone to interact, the same way anyone of us would do during a QSO on the HF bands. At the end I preferred to keep writing in english to avoid a wrong russian translation to be posted. The last thing I would expect were the miffed reactions in the previous posts. After all I have the automatic translation of this web site activated on my pc, so that I can read all the forum translated in english. A little bit of ingenuity would have resolved the issue for whom who are not fluent in english, automatically translating the english to russian, saving them from venting angry comments. By the way, there are several ham radio forums in Europe, and once in a while you'll get foreign hams registering and writing posts in english, that are replied in english, but never "welcomed" with such comments. I was looking forward to join this forum to share knowledge and learn something new, in the best of the "ham spirit", that knows no language and nationality barriers, but it looks like it was a bad idea.
  3. Thanks guys, Michail, you're confirming what I was thinking, not many UN calls on the QO-100, I can see a nice pile-up on the way 🙂. Planning to get the KZ call soon, then start looking on what would be easier to do, get radios here or try to bring them from Italy. One more question, is there anybody else in this forum who likes to play with Arduino? I've been developing few projects, for ham radio and not, it would be interesting to exchange opinions and ideas for new projects. Is there a section dedicated to homebrewing where I could post? I couldn't find one, not really sure if I missed it.
  4. Hello folks, this is my first post. Giovanni IW7EHC, I was UN7JOT from 2007 until 2012, then relocated outside KZ. I'm back now, hopefully will be applying for a new UN call, this time in the West KZ. Glad to find this forum, good to share ideas and news with the KZ ham community. I was wondering what is the current status on the QO-100 stations in the country, last year I setup a ground station back in my Italian QTH, and never heard any UN station, therefore I was thinking it could be an interesting option for me to start, once I get the new call, until I setup the HF radio and antenna.
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